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For over a week I’ve been listening to The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanley while commuting in my car. He interviewed 1000 millionaires since 1980 and taken very meticulous surveys of their responses.

Not only have I gained dozens of GEMS about what it takes to becoming a Millionaire from this program, but I learned to think different. I learned to think the way millionaire’s think, or so I hope!

One of the interesting survey questions is what all of those millionaires contributes their success to. So without further ado, here is a list of their top 13, from most important to least (but still really important). With my commentary.




Success Factors

1. Being honest with all people. The great thing about this factor is that it is accessible to anyone and you can start right away. Just be honest. It sounds simple, but it requires a bit of courage at some points. So do it- it’s the top success factor.

2. Having a supportive spouse. While being attracted to someone is really important, perhaps even necessary, it’s not the criteria by which one should go spouse-shopping. I would personally say, and the millionaires would agree, that having a kind, supportive spouse, who has similar goals, and is responsible is more important.

3. Getting along with people. I can’t thing of having any job, business, or career that has zero involvement with people and has monetary value. You can see how this would be in the top 3, right?

4. Loving career or business. The passion and love for your career will make work not work anymore. Sure it might be really hard at times. When you combine the passion with your discipline you will be propelled to new heights.

5. Being physically fit. I stress this in many posts- exercise. If you aren’t taking care of your health, than your mind and body are not working optimally.

6. Having strong leadership qualities. When it comes down to it you will want to delegate as much as you can and concentrate on more important issues. There is only one of you. having this skill is a top priority.

1. 对所有的人都要真诚。 这一点的妙处在于可以使你接近任何人,你可以立刻开始执行这一条秘诀。

2. 拥有一个支持你的伴侣。 虽然吸引你是很重要的一点,甚至可以说是必须的一点,但这并不是选择伴侣的标准。我个人认为一个善良,支持你,和你有着相似人生目标,有责任感的伴侣是更重要的。这一点,那些富翁们也会赞同。

3. 会与人相处。 我认为没有一个赚钱的工作,生意,事业是与人没有关系的。这样,你知道为什么这一条要素在三甲之列吧?

4. 热爱你的事业或生意。 对你事业的激情和爱将是你的工作不仅仅只是工作。当然有时要做到这点很难,但当你将激情与规矩结合起来时,你将上升到新的高度。

5. 有一个健康的身体。 我强调工作期间的锻炼,如果你不注意你的健康,那么你的精神与身体是无法理想地工作的。

6. 有很强的领导力。 要做到这点,你应该有许多有能力代表你做事的人,越多越好,这主要集中体现在在较大的项目上。你自己只有一个人。学会这个技巧是至关重要的。

7. Making wise investments.You can make high 6 figure incomes, but if the money doesn’t grow, or if you put it into losing investments than you aren’t optimizing your assets. You’re basically spinning your wheels and wasting your time. You want to reach a point where you could live off of the interest of your investments!

8. Seeing business opportunities. The truth is if you’re in a niche market that is over saturated you’re going to have too much competition to make a real difference. Sure you might rise to the top, but that’s like the chance of you becoming a rock star- slim. If money is what you’re after, not the dream of being number 1 in ‘that’ field, than find an unoccupied niche.

9. Being willing to take financial risk given the right return. One of the ways that I look at this is the financial risk of working for yourself instead of a big company. Yes, you’re risking you X-figure a year job, but the return that you could possibly get is way greater than this. Combined with #8 (seeing opportunities), and doing market research, the risk is much less than you think.

10. Having good mentors. Learning amazing qualities from highly successful people is easier than learning the road on your own. Once your mentality is in the right place, actions are performed, and success follows.

11. Investing in my own business. You have much more control over your own business than you do in the stock market. You can expand, make higher end products, or do whatever it takes to increase your own income.

12. Living below your means. If your expenses are raising as fast as your income you’re never going to save a good amount- no matter what you’re income. When you live before your means and your income raises, do not increase your expenses. This gap will keep getting bigger and bigger and so will your net worth.

13. Having excellent investment advisers. The truth is unless you’re an investment expert you don’t know the best place to put your money. The best people to execute your investments are financial advisers, but according to real millionaires the best people to give financial advice are knowledgeable CPAs and Lawyers.

All that’s left now is the hack your life by implementing these 13 success secrets and you’re on your way!





7. 做精明的投资。 你可以赚到6位数的收入,但是如果你不使你的钱增长,或是将其投入失败的投资,那么你就没有优化配置你的资产,你只是在做无用功,浪费你的时间。你想要达到一种状态,那就是你可以靠你投资的利息生活。

8. 识别商机。 事实上,在一个过度饱和的机会市场上,为了冲出重围,独领风骚,你要参与近很多的竞争。当然你有可能达到领先,但那种可能性就像要成为一个摇滚歌星般渺茫。如果你追求的金钱而非做该行的“老大”,那么,发掘一片蓝海是最好的。

9. 愿意接受那些带来相当的回报的金融风险。 我理解这一条的一种角度是这种金融风险是为自己而非为了大公司。是的,你以你一年好几位数的年薪为赌注,但你的回报是你可能可以获得数倍的回报。将这一点与第八条相结合并做市场研究,风险就会比你想象的小得多。

10. 有许多良师益友。 从一些超级成功的人们那里学习优秀品质要比你自己摸索容易。当你的思想正确了,行动到位了,成功就来了。

11. 投资自己的事业。 在自己的事业上,你有着比在股市中多得多的掌控力。你可以扩张发展,制造更高端的产品,或者做其它任何可以增长收入的事情。

12. 以低于你收入水平的标准来生活。 无论你的收入多少,如果你生活消费的增长速度与你的收入成正比的话,你永远不会存不了“大钱”。当你以低于你收入水平的标准来生活,而你的收入增加时,不要增多你的花费。这个差额会越来越大,你的资本净值也会越来越多。

13. 有许多出色的投资顾问。 事实上,除非你自己就是一个投资专家,你不会知道投资什么最好。金融顾问们是帮你投资的最好人选,但是据那些大富豪所说,最好的金融顾问是知识渊博的注册会计师们和律师们。

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